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Shadow Trilogy

The Shadow Trilogy is a fantasy series set on the fictional world of Tar Ebon. It is a world filled with magic (manipulation of matter and energy), swords and sorcery, aliens, political intrigue and more.

Mageborn Saga

The Mageborn saga chronicles the life of 16-year-old Emma as she leaves her home to learn magic at the Tower of the Seven Stars. Fans of The Shadow Trilogy will recognize many of the characters and fans of The Dark Tide Trilogy (set around 2,000 years after the Mageborn Saga) will enjoy seeing the early beginnings of (spoiler) some cameo characters from that trilogy.

Dark Tide Trilogy

The Dark Tide Trilogy is a science fiction trilogy that is basically a mashup of Star Wars and Starcraft. It's technically space opera, but we consider it space fantasy. It follows several enlisted men and women and a special intelligence operative as they face the emergence of an alien enemy from beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. Humanity is over-matched and on the brink of devastation.

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Technology Used by Successwful Businesses