Books Published by Dark Star Publishing

Shadow Trilogy

The Shadow Trilogy is a fantasy series set on the fictional world of Tar Ebon. It is a world filled with magic (manipulation of matter and energy), swords and sorcery, aliens, political intrigue and more.

Dark tide trilogy

The Dark Tide Trilogy is a science fiction trilogy that is basically a mashup of Star Wars and Starcraft. It's technically space opera, but we consider it space fantasy. It follows several enlisted men and women and a special intelligence operative as they face the emergence of an alien enemy from beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. Humanity is over-matched and on the brink of devastation.

Beyond science fiction

Beyond Science Fiction is a collection of short stories from dozens of authors. The entire collection is compiled into a complete anthology, or readers can purchase the individual issues.


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Beyond IMagination Digital Literary Magazine

Beyond Imagination Digital Literary Magazine is a collection of literary and speculative stories from dozens of authors.

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