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New Mageborn Saga Book Released - "Halls of Light"

I am excited to announce that the third book in the Mageborn Saga, “Halls of Light,” was released on May 30, 2019 to much fanfare.

The book concludes the initial journey of the twins, Ethan and Emma, who fans of my space opera series will remember from the Dark Tide Trilogy.

It’s not THE end, but it’s AN end, and it is (in my biased opinion) a satisfying one.

Click here to view “Halls of Light” on your favorite digital storefront (print books coming soon!).

New Fantasy Book - Mageborn - Now Available!

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I updated my blog, but I want to spread the good news about a new release.

Introducing Mageborn, the first book in the multi-book Mageborn Saga. Below you will find the blurb for the book along with a glimpse of the cover. Here is the link to purchase at the store of your choice:


"Emma was just a normal sixteen-year-old girl before her twin nearly burned her to death. She learns she has magic and is exiled from her sleepy mining town in the company of an archmage. Their destination: The Tower of the Seven Stars, where they are expected to learn to harness their magic before it destroys them or those around them.

But their journey does not go as planned, for the Cult of Rae, intent on obtaining a powerful world-ending artifact, interrupts their journey, kidnapping them. 

Can Emma and her friends overcome overwhelming odds and stop the Cult of Rae before it’s too late? Read now to find out."

Click here to  buy now !

Click here to buy now!