Weekly News from Author Dayne Edmondson

Weekly News for April 21, 2017


Writing news

  • Just yesterday, April 20th, the Kindle World for Lindsay Buroker's Fallen Empire series went live. My novella, Renegade, is one of the great stories debuting with her world. You can click on the cover for my book below to be taken to the page to check it out on Amazon. Or you can click here to see all the novels and novellas in Lindsay Buroker's universe.
  • I am continuing steady work on my third space opera novel, Ruin. I broke over 10,000 words and am closing on 15,000. I'm still on track for a June 30th release.
  • My second space opera novel, Eclipse, is still going relatively strong. It was my biggest release yet. If you haven't checked it out already, grab it over on Amazon now. You can also grab the first book in my trilogy, Emergence, for just $0.99 on Amazon.


SciFan Magazine

I'm including news about SciFan Magazine because I am the co-producer. At the time of the sending of this newsletter I have received the edited version of the May issue of SciFan Magazine back from our editor, Patrick Hodges, and am doing the final compilation/formatting to make it look as good as possible.

Below are the covers for both SciFan Magazine May issue and May LitRPG issue.

They are both available for pre-order on Amazon as of today. Below are the links or click on the cover:

SciFan Magazine Science Fantasy Edition: Click here
SciFan Magazine LitRPG Edition: Click here



Special Offers

In this section, I give you some information on special offers from other authors or giveaways I'm in. These are typically offered as part of a newsletter swap agreement or because I am part of the giveaway.

Beginning today, April 21st, there is a special YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy Giveaway April 21-30 going on. It is hosted on Instafreebie. One of my books is part of it, but I encourage you to check out the rest of the books as well.

Click this link to check out the YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy Giveaway.

There is also another group giveaway on Instafreebie being hosted by Lincoln Cole from April 19th to the 30th. It features lots of free books and samples in the Paranormal Romance, SciFi, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller and Suspense genres.

Click this link to check out the Instafreebie giveaway.




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Hey everyone. Beginning very soon we will be launching a new newsletter called SciFan Daily Deals. It will be packed with science fantasy books that are steeply discounted or even FREE so that you can snag them and get some great reads. 

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Hey, everyone. I wanted to tell my readers about a promo going on from February 8th to February 15th. It involves over 120 books in 9 genres. The best part? EVERY book in the promo is FREE! Yes, that's right, free. They've also been hand-picked for their quality, so you can rest assured these are good free books.

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Space Opera Novel Emergence is Discounted Now!

Hey there, I wanted to mention to my readers that my new space opera adventure novel "Emergence" is on sale on Amazon.com for $0.99! I've included the excerpt below. Grab your copy today on Amazon!


"Star Wars meets Starcraft in this high-octane science fantasy adventure about aliens invading from beyond our galaxy.

Humanity has colonized thousands of planets on the far side of the Milky Way galaxy. They have formed interstellar governments and can travel “shadow space” to reach distant locations faster than light. Their mages can manipulate matter and energy to create or destroy. A tentative peace reigns in the galaxy. That peace is shattered when the Federation of United Planets comes under attack from an ancient alien enemy known as the Krai’kesh. 

Veteran Federation navy captain Martin Rigsby and his fleet face their greatest challenge yet when the Krai’kesh fleet invades from beyond the Milky Way galaxy, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Captain Rigsby, along with a marine lieutenant, pilot and intelligence officer, must employ every trick in their arsenal, including “magic” to contain the emergence of the enemy before it is too late.

Join the adventure on the far side of the galaxy today!"

Grab it today on Amazon!

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